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As Salaamualaikum wa Rahmathulla Wa Barakkathu


As salaam Wa Alaikum wa Rakmatulahi Wa Baraka Tu hu

In every Islamic month there are auspicious days and nights but there are only a few that I shall tell you about because these are the most important nights to remember. Those of us that spend these nights in Ibadat, Isha Allah their wishes will be granted. AMEEN. Jazakallah


1 - New Islamic... year
4 - Hazrath Sayyiduna Imam Hassain Basri (R.A)
5 - Urs E Paak of Hazrath Baba Fareed Ganje Shakar (R.A)
6 - Hazrath Zakaria (A.S)
10 - Youme Ashura (Shohada - E - Karbala)
11 - Egywarie Sharief of Hazrat Ghous E- Azam (R.A)
14 - Urs - E - Paak of Hazrat Huzoor - E- Mufti Azam-E-Hind (R.A)
Urs - E-Paak of Hazrat Shamsudien Yahya Chisti (R.A)
18 - Hazrath Sayyiduna Imam Zainul Aberdeen (R.A)
20 - Urs- E-Paak of Hazrath Tajudien Baba Nagpur (R.A)
28 - Urs -E-Paak of Hazrath Makdoom Sultan Syaed Ashraf Jangir Samnaani and Hazrath Syed Moulana Shah Wali Allah Mohandas Delwi (R.A)
29 - Hazrat Sayed Ali Meerah Dahtaar (R.A)


Our noble organisation is registered by the government and ever ready to walk aside shoulder to shoulder with the government. To lay the foundation of tremendious service for the community, we are ever ready for the hard work and khidmath that we had under taken over the past 22 years in SOUTH AFRICA.



"Remember us in your Duas so we can keep doing good work and prosper and everyday may Allah (S.W.T) Bless us all."

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  • Name of Account Holder: Rasooliah Musjid and Madressah
  • Name of Bank: Standard Bank
  • Name of Branch: Overport City
  • Branch Code: 043846
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  • Account Number (Zakaath): 250530732